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Retail & Office

The Westbrook

This six-story, 93,000-square-foot building is named after the Westbrook Hotel, one of the grandest in Fort Worth's history. The handsome facade will feature a mix of granite, limestone, brick, and decorative aluminum, with a stunning clock tower at the top. A permanent stage is attached to this beautiful building and will feature a variety of entertainment throughout the year. The building was completed in October 2013. The 3,000 SF ground floor restaurant features patio seating facing into the Plaza.


Project Construction Cost           $14,800,000

Square Feet                                   93,000

Design Architect                           David M. Schwarz

CMAR                                              Beck

Completion                                    October 2013

Commerce Building

​​Five stories tall with more than 83,000 square feet, the Commerce Building is broken into three distinct parts, including a center facade featuring four-story, high-arched brick window bays. This building opened in October 2013. Del Frisco's Grille has a 9,000 SF two-story restaurant with outdoor seating on the Plaza and restaurateur Shannon Wynne will open Bird Cafe with more than 8,700 SF of indoor and outdoor dining space. Covered patios and views of the Plaza will a spectacular sight to see.


Project Construction Cost          $11,800,000

Square Feet                                  83,000

Design Architect                           David M. Schwarz

CMAR                                             Beck

Completion                                   October 2013

Cassidy Building

​​At 99,000 square feet, The Cassidy is the largest of the three new buildings surrounding the Sundance Plaza. The six-story structure will be L-shaped, with retail and restaurants on the ground floor and luxury apartments on the top floor.


Project Construction Cost           $14,300,000

Square Feet                                   99,000

Design Architect                           David M. Schwarz

CMAR                                             Beck

Completion                                   Fall 2014

Carnegie Building

​​The Carnegie includes 15 floors of office tenants and a street level retail space.  A unique rotunda in the main lobby and outdoor balconies surrounding the 16th floor are several features that highlight the intricate detailing of this brick and cast stone building.  The Projects Group managed the design and construction of the office tower from pre-design to completion.


Project Construction Cost          $56,300,000

Square Feet                                  279,000

Design Architect                          David M. Schwarz

CMAR                                            Linbeck

Completion                                  Spring 2009

Sundance West Apartments




Project Construction Cost           $40,000,000

Square Feet                                   

Design Architect                            David M. Schwarz

CMAR                                               Linbeck

Completed                                      1991

Sundance Square Tenant Project Management



The Projects Group provides project management and tenant coordination for Sundance Square Management in Downtown Fort Worth.  For over 7 years, TPG has delivered design and construction management for over 1 Million square feet ranging from retail, restaurant, office and residential spaces. Our experience ranges from coordination of new construction to renovation of existing historic buildings.  We provide Sundance Square and the tenant with architectural service procurement, general contractor selection and project supervision to ensure that both the Landlord’s and tenant’s needs are met.