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Master Planning & Studies

As a result of The Projects Group’s wide range and expertise in managing unique cultural and civic projects, we have acquired a great deal of market and industry knowledge for these types of facilities. This depth of knowledge allows us to provide detailed feasibility studies and reports to gauge market demand, comparable facilities, and cost estimating for clients who are in the early stages of considering undertaking a project.
Will Rogers Memorial Center Master Planning

Teamed with Hanfeld Hoffer Stanford

The Projects Group, in association with Bennett Benner & Pettit Architects, assembled a detailed master-plan analysis for the Will Rogers Cultural Center in Fort Worth, TX. The goal of the master-plan was to identify the scope of all potential construction and renovation projects within the property. Each individual scope item was priced in order for the client to create a prioritized list for moving forward in the future.

Fort Worth Amphitheater Feasibility Study

Teamed with Charles Johnson Consulting

The City of Fort Worth engaged The Projects Group to determine the financial feasibility of an Amphitheatre complex in Gateway Park as part of the Trinity River Vision Project. In collaboration with another consultant, TPG created a report that included demographic analysis, comparable venue analysis and market demand. The results of the market analysis allowed TPG to determine a financially sustainable facility and provided a conceptual level cost estimate for that facility.

DeSoto Multipurpose Venue Feasibility Study

Teamed with Charles Johnson Consulting

The Projects Group was hired by the City of DeSoto, TX to prepare a report that gauged the demand for a Multi-Purpose Venue within their community and identify the size and scope of the venue. The report included a demographic and market demand analysis for the city and region. The study also included a site analysis, comparing the pros and cons of multiple locations for the proposed facility.

Dallas Arboretum Parking Study

Teamed with Desman Parking Consultants & Charles Johnson Consulting


The Projects Group was approached by Desman Parking Consultants to assist them in preparing a Parking Feasibility Report to address the overflow parking situation at the Dallas Arboretum. The study included a full financial analysis of the Arboretum including attendance, events, parking revenue, etc. The projections from this analysis allowed us to identify the necessary parking requirements for the future of the Arboretum. This study was used to support a bond with the city for a new parking facility.


Fort Worth Multi-Purpose Arena Marketing & Financial Planning Study

Teamed with CSL Marketing Group

The Projects Group acted as the Owner’s Representative Project Manager for the implementation of a study to determine options for marketing strategies and financial planning for a new Multi-Purpose Arena in Fort Worth, TX. TPG hired CSL, an industry leader in sports facility marketing, to perform personal interviews and in depth financial forecasting models.

Fort Worth Multi-Purpose Arena Programming Report

Teamed with HKS & Hanfeld Hoffer Stanford


The Projects Group was the owner’s representative project manager for the development of a program for a new Multi-Purpose Arena in Fort Worth, TX. The program required input from an extensive list of potential users, stakeholders, and industry experts. The program developed became the basis from which a building design was to be established.