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Zoological and Botanical Gardens

The Museum of Living Art (MOLA)

Fort Worth Zoo

42,000 square feet that includes spacious, humidity controlled exhibits and state-of-the-art conservation tools, such as quarantine and hibernaculum rooms that were designed to facilitate the breeding of rare and critically endangered animals. Uniquely designed exhibit areas and outdoor classrooms allow hands on education and allow guests to come face-to-face with exotic reptiles like the Fiji Island iguana and view the giant South American crocodiles.

Safari Splash

Fort Worth Zoo

14,000 square feet, zero depth splash area. Kids can get soaked by the water tower, choose from 4 slides of differing heights, play with animal shaped water cannons or even fill up a water toy at the water wall. Adults are able to watch their kids as they set up snacks at a picnic table or they can rent a cabana for a few hours of shade. 

Vision 2020 - "A Wilder Vision"

Fort Worth Zoo

In 2016, the Fort Worth Zoo began a $100 million dollar expansion project entitled "A Wilder Vision", that will include new homes for giraffes, rhinocerouses, hippopotamuses and future improvements for other animals. Every part of the Zoo will see some part of improvement with the exception of MOLA which was completed just seven years ago. 

African Savanna

Fort Worth Zoo

Opened in April 2018, 6 acres, complete with underwater hippo viewing, Southern black rhinos, an exotic bird aviary and a new playground for meerkats. African Savanna is the Zoos newest attraction and the first phase of  "A Wilder Vision's" campaign. The new exhibits offer eye-to-eye contact with giraffes where guests are able to feed them, the hippos now have a 148 foot long river with a 70 foot long observation window underground for guests to watch them swim and play. The rhinos now have more green space to move around and many other species are free to cohabitate in their new home. 

Botanical Gardens - Oval Rose Garden

Fort Worth, TX


Phase One -The Projects Group was hired to oversee the historical renovation to the oval rose garden that included replacing the trellis structures with Ipe wood, replacing the walkway to match surrounding paths, a new sitting wall that compliments the historical stone columns and a new roof was installed on the pergola with a custom weather vane made of bronze.

Botanical Gardens - Rose Garden

Fort Worth, TX

Phase Two - The second phase consisted of a new roof and trellis members on the upper pavilion, repairs to the cascading waterfall and lower pool and a new lion's head to match the historical busts.