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Civic & Institutional

Dickies Arena
formerly the Fort Worth Multipurpose Arena

Fort Worth, TX

The Arena is a public/private partnership between the City of Fort Worth and private business leaders and will be located in the Will Rogers Memorial Center in the heart of Fort Worth's Cultural District. 

Project Cost                             $540,000,000

Square Feet                             490,375

Design Architect                     David M. Schwarz

Architect of Record                HKS, Inc.

CMAR                                       Beck Group

Client                                        Event Facilities Fort Worth

Completion                             Spring 2020

Sundance Square Plaza

Fort Worth, TX

Sundance Square Plaza is a vibrant, engaging space that can host a huge variety of events while meeting the everyday needs of workers, residents, and tourists. The permanent, multi-purpose stage can be configured for large and small concerts, movies and more. Beautiful, decorative water fountains feature ever-changing waterfalls and cascades. Four giant umbrellas covering more than 6,400 feet provide shade by day and a gorgeous light display at night. The 55,000-square foot space also features a multi-purpose pavilion, bicycle racks, light and sound, seating and gorgeous landscaping.


Project Construction Cost        $15,800,000

Square Feet                                55,000

Design Architect                        David. M Schwarz

CMAR                                           Beck Construction

Completion                                October 2013

Ballroom Marfa Drive-in

Marfa, TX

The design of the Drive-in is planned to reconfigure a classic outdoor drive-in into a combination screen and bandshell component. Ballroom Marfa will plan to hold events such as summer movies, film screenings, acoustical sets, music festivals and opera.The Projects Group was brought on board in the summer of 2012 to assemble the design team and provide Project Management for the design and construction for the duration of the Project. The project has currently finished Design Development and is planning to start construction the fall of 2013


Project Construction Cost        $4,500,000

Square Feet                                Approx 4 acres

Design Architect                        MOS Architects

CMAR                                           TBD

Completion                                 TBD

Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT)

Fort Worth, TX


BRIT’s 70,000 SF facility is located on the southern edge of the Fort Worth Cultural District and centrally positioned on the northern perimeter of both the Fort Worth Botanic Garden and Trinity Park.  Using environmentally friendly building systems and energy efficient design, BRIT obtained a LEED Platinum Certification.  Situated on a 12 acre site, the project includes a geothermal mechanical system, an enhanced storm water management collection system, ecological friendly building materials and a living green roof.

Project Construction Cost        $34,000,000

Square Feet                                69,000

Design Architect                        Hugh Hardy & Assoc.

Architect of Record                   Corgan Assoc.

CMAR                                          Beck Construction

Completion                                February 2012


Saint Mark's School of Texas

Dallas, TX


This private school project consisted of constructing two new classroom buildings and related amenities totaling 79,334 SF. The project also required master planning to fit the new structures into the established campus.  The Projects Group performed as the Project Manager and Owner's Representative for St. Mark's. This project received a LEED Silver certification.

Project Construction Cost           $32,900,000

Square Feet                                   79,000

Design Architect                           HC Beck

Architect of Record                      HC Beck

CMAR                                             Beck Construction

Completion                                   August 2008

Tarrant County College Downtown Campus

Fort Worth, TX

Sitting on 11 acres on the north end of Downtown Fort Worth, the Trinity River Allied Health and Nursing School is the college’s newest  and most state of the art facility.  Four buildings totaling 132,000 SF - of which 66,000 SF is dedicated to classrooms, training labs for radiology, patient care, physical therapy, respiratory, surgical tech., health IT, library and administrative areas. The Projects Group was brought on board at the onset of design and remaining the Project Manager through completion


Project Construction Cost        $131,000,000

Square Feet                                132,000

Design Architect                        Bing Tom

Architect of Record                   BB&P

CMAR                                           Austin Commercial

Completion                                 April 2011

Aviation Hangar
Meacham Airport

Fort Worth, TX

The project consists of approximatey 28,000 SF of conditioned hangar space and 12,000 SF of operations, passenger lounge, and storage. Some of the main features of the hangar include overhead fall protection system, fuel truck storage space, below grade cavotec utility pits, and secured entry gate access.  The project also includes the relocation of a Remote Transmiter Reciever in coordination with the FAA and Meacham Airport.


Project Construction Cost        $21,000,000

Square Feet                                40,000

Design Architect                        Burns & McDonnell

CMAR                                           Burns & McDonnell

Completion                                 February 2015